Thursday, June 28, 2007

Materials and videos - Massively Multi-Learner

by Daniel Livingstone

Finally the videos from the March HEA-ICS workshop 'Massively Multi-Learner' are available.

7 of the 8 videos present work in or about Second Life, and all are available from
the workshop page here:

or from here:

I'd recommend using the first site if you want to download the slides themselves, but for viewing

Alliance Second Life Library Wins Two Awards at ALA Conference in Washington DC

From: Lori Bell

Alliance Second Life Library, its libraries and volunteers are pleased to announce that they have won two prizes at the American Library Association in Washington DC this week. Both prizes were presented to Alliance Library System Executive Director Kitty Pope on behalf of the library and the libraries and volunteers working with the library.

The Library won one of six Sirsi-Dynix Building Better Community Awards Six library organizations were honored for enterprising uses of technology at the ceremony.

The Library also won the 2007 American Library Association Information Today Library of the Future Award for 2007 -
The international collaborative group of librarians working on the Alliance Second Life Library were recognized for their ground breaking work in the development of the 3D virtual world library, for forging new partnerships within the virtual world and for providing programs, services, and materials to the more than 7 million residents who inhabit Second Life.

"We are very pleased to receive these awards on behalf of a wonderful group of international volunteers and libraries providing high quality library information and program services that promote books and community," stated Kitty Pope, executive Director of the Alliance Library System.


From: Aaron E. Walsh

(building virtual worlds specifically for education and students) is precisely what the recently announced Immersive Education initiative is doing:

Following are a few recent announcements that provide some background and
context, including an open call for participation:

New Media Consortium (NMC) joins Immersive Education initiative to advance
virtual learning

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - June 07, 2007 - During the NMC Summer Conference today the
New Media Consortium (NMC) announced that it has joined the Media Grid's
Immersive Education initiative to participate in the development of best
practices and standards for virtual learning and game-based learning platforms.
NMC is an international consortium of over 250 learning-focused organizations
dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies. NMC
member institutions are found in almost every state in the United States, across
Canada, and in Europe, Asia and Australia. Among the consortium's membership are
an elite list of the most highly regarded colleges and universities in the
world, innovative museums, research centers, foundations, and forward-thinking
companies. The consortium's collective wealth of experience in building virtual
learning environments in Second Life will be applied directly to the Immersive
Education initiative... <>

Call for participation: Immersive Education and Virtual Learning Environments

BOSTON, MA - June 04, 2007 - launches the Immersive Education
initiative with an open call to educators, students, and professionals who have
experience using virtual learning environments or video game technologies (such
as Second Life, Croquet, Extensible 3D [X3D], Panda3D, Quake, Unreal, Torque
Game Engine, and so forth). Individuals and organizations can visit to select the next-generation Immersive Education
platform, contribute to best practices, and establish standards for virtual
learning environments and game-based learning platforms...

Places to visit

From: Nicholas Papamarkos

Check out these islands.

Bowling Green State University -

Drexel University -

Harvard University -

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities -

Montclair State University -

Northern Illinois University -

Ohio University -

Pennsylvania State University -

San Diego State University -

Stanford University -

University of Cincinnati -

University of Texas Dallas -

& external link:

Vassar College -

Developing your own virtual world?

From: Sean FitzGerald
... there are plenty of products out there (and up-coming) that you can use to build virtual worlds with. Or maybe you didn't actually mean build the software from scratch... that is a huge undertaking.

We have done a lot of research on virtual worlds lately, including DIY products. Check out the resources I've compiled here -

I'd be happy to talk about what I've found out about the pros and cons of these products, but if it's anything other than a SL-related product - OpenSim or the upcoming official open source server - then we should probably have that conversation off-list.

I'm starting to wonder whether we should start a group in world to look at alternative virtual world platforms for education.

Self-Esteem Seminar for Teachers 6-29-07


Self-Esteem and Empowerment Seminar
HealthInfo Island 130, 140, 22
Friday June 29th at 1pm and 3pm FREE
Designed for all SL and TSL educators, and helping professionals
Zotarah Shepherd

This is a free and interactive class, about components of self-esteem and how those may be used to empower others and ourselves to create win-win situations. I will use a variety of SL tools to illustrate ideas. We will have opportunities to build connections and share our wisdom. Life is a good teacher, but the consequences can be harsh. If we learn from each other's experience, we can move through our lives with greater ease.

When you teleport to HealthInfo Island you will arrive at the Hub Pavilion. Follow the directions or IM me and I will teleport you to the class site in the NW mountains. The location may change to accommodate a greater number of participants. I can use Babler to translate into different languages too.

Please IM me for more information about the class and my background. I will be glad to answer your questions. You may arrange other classes through the HealthInfo Island Library. I hope you will join us.

World of Borecraft: Never play a video game that's trying to teach you something.

From: Nik Peachey

Interesting article here attacking the use of games in learning.

World of BorecraftNever play a video game that's trying to teach you

Health-related locations in SL

From: Sean FitzGerald

Avatar Knoh Oh (SL Healthcare Tourist) is doing a great job of documenting health-related locations in SL here:

NMC Teachers Buzz: Visit to Desi's Lit Class Recap

From: Alan Levine

A big Sl thanks go to Desideria Stockton (Beth Ritter-Guth) for inviting the NMC Campus Teachers Buzz to partake as students in one of her actual Sl classes. It was, to say the least, very active!

Post-Doc Researcher Position from the VITAL Lab at Ohio University

From: Chang Liu

==Post-Doc Researcher Position from the VITAL Lab at Ohio University ==

The VITAL (Virtual Immersive Technologies and Arts for Learning) Laboratory at Ohio University is seeking a qualified candidate to fill a post-doc researcher position, available immediately.

The VITAL Lab ( excels in research and development of immersive, engaging, and interactive learning tools in 3-D online virtual worlds and other immersive learning environments.

This researcher will engage in the following activities:
-Grant proposal development for federal, state, and private sponsors;
-Project implementation on several ongoing projects funded by National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, and other sponsors; and
-Collaboration on several internal projects with other Ohio University faculty members and graduate students.

Preference will be given to candidates with experience in the following areas:
software engineering, computer graphics, 3-D virtual environment design, game development, 3-D simulations, or educational technologies.

Salary is competitive and will be determined based on candidate qualification and experience. Two-year funding for this position has been secured.

Application should consist of a curriculum vitae, a statement of research interests, a sample publication, and one to three references (email addresses and phone numbers). Applications should be sent directly to Chang Liu (find email at the OU site).

Sciences education

From: Anthony Dominic-Paul Cipolone

You might want to check out the Science School, which I believe is by
the University of Denver.

Here's a link to the article (which is a fine article, I might add!)
where I heard about it.

Australasian SL Educational Projects Showcase event documentation

From: Sean FitzGerald

The Australasian SL Educational Projects Showcase was a great success.

Event documentation - including slides, videos, presenters' notes, chat transcripts, photos and blog posts - is now available on the Event Documentation page:

Great article about science in SL

From: Pathfinder Linden

Short and sweet with specific examples, it sums things up perfectly.

Published in the American Chemical Society's "Chemical and Engineering News" weekly magazine.

Graduate Students Request

From: Beth Ritter-Guth

Please help Topher (Chris) with his graduate work by doing this survey at

New Article : Second Life: Do You Need One?

From: Brett Bixler

Who Teaches What in SL

From: AJ Brooks

A number of times the question has come up about who teaches what. So
I thought that this would be a perfect use of a wiki. I created a
wiki called "Who Teaches What in SL" and it is located at:

There is a grid for you to enter your own information, it can be
updated as frequently as you want or need, and it will (hopefully) be
a great resource for people as well as a networking opportunity.

Sistine Chapel in Second Life (Vassar College)

From: Steve Taylor Date: Jun 27, 2007 11:08 AM

Vassar College has recreated the Sistine Chapel in Second Life.

The Sistine Chapel was built in the 15th century and is decorated with
frescoes by Michelangelo and other great painters of the Italian

In this Second Life recreation, the interior is depicted in great detail,
while the exterior is an approximation. Unlike in the real-life chapel, here
you can fly up to the top of a wall for a close inspection, look down at the
inlaid floor, or even sit on a window ledge!

The lower tier of the chapel normally displays panels with painted
draperies. On special occasions, these panels are covered with tapestries
designed by Raphael. Here, you can click to show or hide the tapestries
whenever you want.

The purpose of this recreation is to explore the use of virtual reality for
teaching and learning about art and architecture, by experiencing the
context, the scale, and the social aspects of the original.

Please visit the Sistine Chapel, on the Vassar Island sim, at


by Lindy McKeown
This is sort of NetMeeting meets Second Life
3D + Application sharing + simulation + courses

Fwd: [Slrl] Definition of an Avatar and their existence outside cyberspace!

From: HVX Silverstar

Paul Marino (founder of the Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences - had a posting about Virtual NBC and their hiring of
Pierce Portocarrero for a new machinima series involving a family who
frequently connect to SL.
Very cool...

sl presentation

From: Romolo Pranzetti

A short presentation about SL and educational uses:

Open Textbooks

From: Beth Ritter-Guth

Here is a GREAT resource for those interested in the open textbook movement!

Also, remember that course content can be made free and accessible to others by loading it into SL Boutique ( and tagging it OpenSledware. We also have movies and MP3 running as open access on SLGuide (

Back again...

Sorry for the lull in postings for the past few days. I was as NECC, and had no time during the day to do this, and the wireless connection at the Amerisuites Downtown was total crap. Now I just have to read through nearly 100 new SLED posts and goodness knows how many blogs to see what should be shared. I'm giving myself an hour only... we'll see what shakes out. -Ross

By the way, NECC was interesting as always...I'll have to do a short posting on my experiences there related to SL.

Training Simulation That Works - In Second Life

From: John F. McMullen

Training Simulation That Works - In Second Life

How many times have you seen a project hit a brick wall of teams'
inability to work together: from mild cases of overblown ego and
tug-of-war to vicious in-fighting? New training simulation, created by
Delta L in Second Life reveals team compatibility problems in advance,
and helps team members to learn by working together on a task. The
working demo of the simulation is available in Second Life on
Education Island.

State College, PA, June 23, 2007 --( How many times have you
seen a project hit a brick wall of teams' inability to work together:
from mild cases of overblown ego and tug-of-war to vicious
in-fighting? Some folks think these problems can be fixed with just a
little bit of extra communication and explanation. Dr. Alex Heiphetz,
President of Delta L sees it differently. "Building a team from people
who likes working with each other is obviously the best scenario,"
says Dr. Heiphetz. "If it is unavailable, serious teamwork training is
in order."

These concepts were the foundation of Delta L designing Teamwork
Tester available now in Second Life on the Education Island
( The simulation is
based on the following ideas:

• Observing a group of people performing a simple task that requires
group effort, provides data allowing to draw conclusions on their
teamwork abilities and attitudes (that is you will find if it's a
group of quarreling individuals or a team).
• Observations are important, but metrics is what validates
conclusions. While subjects are working on the team task, each step is
recorded and processed.
• At the end of the session you receive measurable results of the
performance of the team as a whole, as well as metrics of a variety of
characteristics of individual members. The results are saved in the
database and are accessible via the web for review, analysis and
comparison of different teams / team compositions.

"Few months ago business looked at Second Life platform from a mostly
public relations or marketing point of view," added Heiphetz. "Our
work proves that it is a viable business training and educational

Sunday, June 24, 2007

K-12 Teachers Summer Discussion

by tshankle

Tuesday, June 26 at 4:30 SL time for 30 minutes.
The place is Sibine 244, 214, 73

K-12 teachers meet for a discussion about a proposal for an in-world SL
project MK Snowdrop is wondering might be of interest to teachers.

We can chat about the project, your SL adventures and the answer to that
traditional question: what are you doing on your summer vacation?

When you get to the Aretao headquarters, take the ramp to the left of the
mailbox, past the gallery and into the presentation room. If you can't
make it, drop in anytime and leave a note. We will tell you all about it.

The address is Sibine 244, 214, 73 for the presentation room at Aretao and
Moodlerooms NH.

Hope you can come! A Brave New World for TV? Virtually

by Ed L.

Television: A Brave New World for TV? Virtually
Virtual reality might finally be the medium that unites the passive experience of watching television with the interactive potential of the Web.

Fwd: [SLED] SL Tutorial: Videos and PowerPoints

by Chris Rowe

In response to a question about where to find videos for SL Noobs...

This is a very beginner video tutorial about how to set up an account:

Also, Torley Linden has some good video tutorials on YouTube

How to change your appearance

How to fill in your Profile

How to manage your inventory

How to send and create a notecard

OpenSim Server Open-Sourcing & LibSL

by "Fleet Goldberg"

I visited the Open Source section of SL's 4th birthday celebration sim today and had the opportunity to speak in detail with Baba Yamamoto, who is the chief of the open-source server project LibSecondLife and is also involved in the unofficial open-source SL project OpenSim. To recap things as they currently stand:: LibSecondLife's reverse-engineered open source server code is Linden Lab-approved. The use of that code to create an actual sim running ouside of Linden Lab servers is a bit more of a grey area as far as possible violation of the Terms of Service agreement goes.

Here's what Baba had to say

Fleet: Hi Baba! I was wondering what the current 'legal' status of OpenSim is. I know libsecondlife is Linden-approved, but some people believe that using OpenSim would get your SL account canned. I just wanted to find out the facts
Baba Yamamoto: I was told by Linden Lab they they were not worried about OpenSim. Eventually they will be releasing their own server code anyway. That's the word. Hopefully by the end of the
Fleet: Cool. Yeah, I wish they would release some kind of official-word document on OpenSim, because I don't want to encourage the professional organizations I work with to use OpenSim if it was going to damage their relationships with Linden Lab.
Baba Yamamoto: It might be coming soon. I'm going to be talking to Linden Lab about all of this in the coming months.
Fleet: So yes, official verification of OpenSim's approval (preferably in an official blog post) would be awesome if you could encourage LL to do that
Baba Yamamoto: Well OpenSim needs a lot of work to be comparable to SL now, but the more people who want to use it the more likely it is to receive the attention it needs.
Fleet: I haven't tried the latest build of OpenSim yet. I played with the earlier versions, which were somewhat difficult to set up to say the least. I think I heard that it's easier to compile now, isn't it?
Baba Yamamoto: There is a branch that is about to hit the main trunk that fixes a lot of bugs. It's still in testing though. Lots of changes coming ... its got a lot of features so it will be a big
improvement when it is ready
Fleet: I'll pass this info on to the people I talk to about open-source and hopefully it'll give them some encouragement to check the system about. Thanks for all your help!
Baba Yamamoto: I hope to see the new code in beta within a few weeks