Thursday, August 2, 2007

NRHM Call for Papers

Fwd from Ed Lamoureux
Call for Papers
New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia

Editor: Doug Tudhope
Associate Editor: Daniel Cunliffe
Faculty of Advanced Technology, University of Glamorgan, UK
Submission deadline: January 16, 2008
Acceptance notification: February 27, 2008
Final manuscripts due: April 9, 2008
NRHM covers hypermedia, hypertext, interactive multimedia and related
We invite papers on the following topics and related issues:
- Conceptual basis of hypertext systems
cognitive aspects
design strategies
- Intelligent and adaptive hypermedia
knowledge representation
knowledge organisation systems and services
the semantic web
- Multimedia issues
time and synchronisation; link dynamics
audio/image/video processing and compression
content-based retrieval
- Interaction
navigation and browsing; search systems;
studies of information seeking and navigation behaviour; testing and
user interfaces; multi-modal interaction
- Tools for hypermedia
(automatic) authoring systems
- Applications in business, commerce, digital libraries, e-learning,
information management, the professions, publishing, and public
administration, etc.
The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia (NRHM) is published by
Taylor & Francis and appears in both print and digital formats. For more
details and indicative topics, see the journal website:
Submissions may take the form of research papers or shorter technical
notes and should be sent by email to the editors, preferably in pdf
format. Questions and enquiries are welcome.

Call for Expressions of Interest - International Virtual Reality Teaching and Learning Research Inst

by Ole Brudvik

Title: Call for Expressions of Interest to contribute to a proposed International Virtual Reality Teaching and Learning Research Institute

This is a general call for academics and practitioners involved or interested in the field of Virtual Reality Teaching and Learning (using environments such as Second Life) to express their interest in contributing to or being associated with an International Virtual Reality Teaching and Learning Research Institute. The range of research and development that the proposed Institute would support is intentionally left open, but could include projects such as investigating the efficacy of various virtual reality learning designs, researching the sociological and psychological aspects of learning in virtual reality environments, and the success with which tools and scripts can be applied across different curricula.

Interested parties can nominate roles that they would like to perform, which may include

* advice on the policies of the Institute and the services it provides
* research and development in conjunction with the Institute (utilising support services that would be provided by the Institute)
* evaluation of Institute performance.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the proposed Institute, please provide an Expression of Interest (of no longer than one page) outlining your experience with VREs or related technology based learning applications, any research experience, the reasons for your interest in becoming associated, and the ways in which you would like to be involved. Please return all Expressions of Interest no later than 9th August 2007.

Prospective contributors would form part of a Carrick Grant Application to establish the Institute. This initiative is being lead by Professor John Hedberg, Macquarie University Australia.

Fwd: [Slrl] Social capital in Second Life

by Kim Holmberg

We are researching social capital in Second life and we want to invite
you to take part of our survey. The purpose of the survey is to gather
information on the users of Second Life and their perceptions on the
social dimensions of the service. We are grateful for your commitment
and appreciate highly the time you spend answering this survey. The
survey is accessible at

Introduction—Music Academy Online (In-world)

by Dave Schwartz

Dear Fellow SL Educators,
Music Academy Online,, is a real world entity. Our goal is to stimulate interest in Western art music. Accordingly, Music Academy Online will bring together musicians, scholars, educators, orchestras and ensembles, academic and other institutions, and vendors in order to provide music lovers with a completely unique online environment in which to foster and cultivate their appreciation and passion for music.
We are very excited about the possibilities Second Life provides for merging commerce and education. Our facilities in Second Life will include classrooms with audio/video capabilities, screening rooms, museum displays, interactive exhibits, a lecture and recital hall, open air concert space, holodecks and an in-world staff. Our desire is to also make our facilities available to third party educators.
While our specialty is music, we would also look forward to working with diverse disciplines in order to explore the cultural and social contexts for Western art music.
We are located at Nowee (108, 127, 3). We welcome your visit and any feedback you may have. If interested, we would love to give you an in-world tour. Feel free to contact me at your convenience for any reason.
David Thomas Schwartz, Ph.D. (SL: Benton Wunderlich)
CEO, Music Academy Online, Inc.
Music Academy Online, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA

ANNOUNCING: SLCC '07 Education Workshop schedule

by Jeremy Kemp

We are very pleased to formally announce the schedule
for this year's Second Life Education Workshop at the
Chicago Hilton, Friday August 24th through Sunday
August 26th, 2007.

Lead Sponsor: NMC Virtual Worlds

Over 30 academics from four countries will speak. We
are estimating attendance for the education track to
be 200+, up from 80 in 2006. See:

We are still finalizing the in-world event locations.
The entire program is being streamed into SL, and we
should have several hosting locations set up. There
will also be a few events happening in-world only.

For information on the Second Life Community
Convention itself, see:

See you in Chicago!

SLCC Fellowship Awardees announced by NMC

by Alan Levine
We've just announced the winners of NMC's sponsorship for 3 educators to attend the Second Life Community Convention later this month. Congrats go to:
** AJ Brooks -- Montclair State University
** Johnmac Maverick -- Monroe College
** GrandMasterFoo Woodget -- Minneapolis Public Schools
These fellowships are part of the NMC's planned presence at SLCC in Chicago later this month, where the New Media Consortium and its Second Life unit NMC Virtual Worlds have agreed to serve as the lead sponsor for the Education Track at the conference.
More details

Design on eLearning - 2nd International Conference, London...

by Anna Robinson

Designs on eLearning
2nd International Conference
Teaching and Learning with Technology in Art, Design and Communication.

hosted by the University of the Arts, London on the 12th - 14th September 2007.

Charles Saumarez Smith , the Director of the National Gallery will open the conference and GrĂ¡inne ConoleProfessor of e-Learning at the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University will deliver the Keynote address.

The conference aims to cast light on established practice in the field, on innovations in teaching and learning with technology, on the challenges and successes presented by the visual nature of our discipline, and on the benefits of online and blended learning.

It aims to build on the success of Designs on eLearning 2005 and on the subsequent Online Conference and Symposium in disseminating and promoting good practice, primarily but not exclusively, in art, design and communication.

3695 SLED list subscribers

by Jeff Hiles


There are currently 3695 members of this email list, according to Claudia Linden. I find such numbers useful when talking with faculty and administrators about education in Second Life.