Thursday, August 2, 2007

Introduction—Music Academy Online (In-world)

by Dave Schwartz

Dear Fellow SL Educators,
Music Academy Online,, is a real world entity. Our goal is to stimulate interest in Western art music. Accordingly, Music Academy Online will bring together musicians, scholars, educators, orchestras and ensembles, academic and other institutions, and vendors in order to provide music lovers with a completely unique online environment in which to foster and cultivate their appreciation and passion for music.
We are very excited about the possibilities Second Life provides for merging commerce and education. Our facilities in Second Life will include classrooms with audio/video capabilities, screening rooms, museum displays, interactive exhibits, a lecture and recital hall, open air concert space, holodecks and an in-world staff. Our desire is to also make our facilities available to third party educators.
While our specialty is music, we would also look forward to working with diverse disciplines in order to explore the cultural and social contexts for Western art music.
We are located at Nowee (108, 127, 3). We welcome your visit and any feedback you may have. If interested, we would love to give you an in-world tour. Feel free to contact me at your convenience for any reason.
David Thomas Schwartz, Ph.D. (SL: Benton Wunderlich)
CEO, Music Academy Online, Inc.
Music Academy Online, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA

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