Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SL Land Mass Data

Just a few facts for everyone to enjoy:

  1. Avatars walk about about 6 mph (9.65 km/h). Assuming no lag, an avatar can walk from one side of a sim to the other side in about 1 minute, 35 seconds.
  2. Each sim measures 256m x 256m (65,536 sqm). From north to south, a sim is about .159 miles.
  3. The slmaps.com site states that there are currently 3,952 sims on the main grid
  4. If we stacked all those sims in a tight square (approx 63 sims on each side), the distance north to south would be 16,128m, or 16 km, or about 10 miles.
  5. That means it'd take almost 1.5 hours of continually pressing down the "up" arrow on your keyboard for your avatar to get all the way across the fictitious packed-square grid.
  6. The SL main grid map available at Wikipedia is not perfect (it's the one on display at the ICT Library), BUT it shows that the 3,952 sims are not a neat little square. Instead, they are spread out over a vast "ocean."
  7. How big is that ocean? How many sims *could* it hold? According to my measurements, if every piece of SL ocean were covered by a sim, there'd be close to 190,280 sims in SL(see note). IF this ever existed, it would instead take the average avatar (walking) almost 10 hours to go from north to south, and 14 hours to go east to west.
Wow... that's big!!

NOTE: This was arrived at by looking at the map in scale. It measures 53.5 cm x 80 cm. Each sim is about .15 cm x. 1.5 cm. > NS = 356 sims x EW 533 sims.

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