Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Invite (event on 19 July, 12 pm SLT)

by Mark Mullis

Join other educators and friends for a gathering on MCLC 1 and 2 on Thursday
19th July:

We hope the evening to pan out as follows:

(But we dont like structure so be warned:)

12pm pst (8pm UK time) gathering at MCLC2 for networking and sharing - take a look at the bits and pieces the Middlesbrough city learning centre have been putting together for teacher courses.

12.45pm pst (8.45pm) Discussion at 'The pit' follow the yellow brick road.(Our project focus is on Learning and not education - looking at re-imagining education in light of what we now know about learning and using the new emerging tools and technologies. This will steer our discussion)

1.30 pst (9.30pm) Party on MCLC1 - you need to be there!

(IM Marc Nomura)

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