Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rent a lecture hall

by Jeremy Hunsinger

i'm not sure why anyone would need a lecture hall unless you have an
outside speaker and expect a huge audience... but even then most
'lecture halls' will only sit 40 or less. some lecture halls will
sit up to 140-160 if they are built correctly and the corresponding
sims are managed well.

however, if you are thinking of lecturing to your students or having
your students sit in a lecture hall..... you are pretty much missing
the point of sl.

in sl... you have instant messenger to groups

in sl, your students can put a video on a prim anywhere they have

these two things negate any need the professor might have to have
them copresent.

other than that, you can check out the lecture halls in kula, there
are 2 of those, then there is the rubyist meeting location which is
one of the best 'unclassrooms' around, i think. everything in kula
is free to use, just let us know that you are using it and when, so
we can avoid scheduling conflicts. is the slurl of the main ampitheater seats 160 or so, needs to be scheduled through me is the slurl of the creative commons small ampitheater should be scheduled the rccosmos mini hall, great for panel discussions the rubyists 'unclassroom' where i meet with my students

if you want to know more about what we do in kula....

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