Friday, July 27, 2007

SL + Wii remote

by Jeremy Kemp

See a Wired write-up today about an MIT prof talking
about connecting the Wiimote with SL for low-cost
training sims:


Wii + Second Life = New Training Simulator
Steve Mollman Email 07.27.07 2:00 AM

Nintendo games have made the Wii controller a
satisfyingly realistic controller for pretend tennis,
golf and baseball. But how about using it to practice
doing surgery, applying pesticides or operating a
nuclear power plant?

Real-world simulations like these are perfectly suited
to Nintendo's Wiimote, says MIT research fellow David
E. Stone. In fact, he claims the motion-sensitive
controller is "one of the most significant technology
breakthroughs in the history of computer science." Say

For Stone, the Wiimote is the key to building
realistic training simulators within the virtual world
of Second Life. He is helping companies and
universities do that through his WorldWired
consultancy. Clients include a company interested in
training workers for its power plants, a manufacturer
of medical devices and pest-control firm Orkin.

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