Thursday, July 26, 2007

Videos/Slide Shows about SL and Education

by Alan and Phil

In response to a request for videos about SL...

There have been a number of presentations explaining Second Life posted to various places on the web. However, the specifics of what is going to make a compelling case for Charles Darwin University to enter this community are at least in part dependent on the local issues that address the goals and initiatives that your institution has already set forth in its strategic planning agenda.

Second Life for Education - Slides used in a short presentation for University of Alaska Fairbanks IT Day highlighting how 3D virtual worlds and SL specifically are being used in education

Second Life in 3600 Seconds - An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of Second Life, with particular reference to its use in education.

and of course, your Australian colleagues at Wollongong
An Introduction to Second Life - An Introduction to Second Life, it's basic characteristics and the educational possibilities it presents

These are just a few of those on the site (search term = Second life) I'm sure others on the list have some suggestions for you but this might get you started, or get you through as source from which you can modify things to suit your local needs.


and others from NMC 2007:
A View From Second Life Trenches: Are You A Pioneer or Settler (Cynthia Calongne)

Building OneCleveland in Second Life

I'm not so sure a presenter-less presentation always gets the message- videos get the message across better - we've recently lobbed about 70 Sl related education videos into a YouTube playlist and others we track at:

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