Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Benjamin Center and Educator Training

The Benjamin Center offers workshops and private consultations to teach beginning, intermediate and advanced platform navigation in Second Life and training in basic educational tools, professional presentations and content creation.

We also have several free classes in basic building, texturing and helpful SL tools (notecard vendors, hovertext and basic signs).

Every Thursday afternoon (4 PM SLT) there is an educator discussion around the Benjamin Center Lodge. This is unmoderated discussion and takes on a life of its own. Usually several different conversations at different areas around the lodge.

Everyone is welcome to visit us in-world or take a look at the website, both are still under developement. If you have questions you can't find at either place, please email me off list.

Posted to SLED listserv, 02 May 2007, by Carla R. Herrera

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