Tuesday, May 1, 2007

International Spaceflight Museum Spaceport Bravo Grand Opening Week

The International Spaceflight Museum (ISM) in Second Life is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our second 16-acre sim, known as Spaceport Bravo. To celebrate the Grand Opening, the ISM will host a week long celebration beginning on May 5th 2007 starting with the official opening, and a celebration of the 46th anniversary of Alan Shepherd's historic flight into space aboard the Freedom 7 spacecraft. This week-long celebration will include the unveiling of many new exhibits, lectures, demonstrations, rocket launches and dancing.

Spaceport Bravo joins Spaceport Alpha as host to the premier space museum in Second Life and enhances the collection of exhibits pioneered on Spaceport Alpha. Included in the new sim are new highly detailed exhibits of the Apollo Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), the Space Shuttle, new rockets and a full-size version of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) - the world's third largest building (by volume). The VAB, built by NASA to construct the Saturn V, stands 184 metres high and contains an interior volume of 3.66 million cubic metres, all of which have been duplicated in Second Life.

Lectures will include special lectures by Prospero Frobozz (Dr. Robert A. Knop Jr. in real life)entitled "The Power of the Dark Side : How we know that the Universe is filled with Dark Matter and Dark Energy", Troy McLuhan, ISM Director, who will tell the story of Alan Shepherd, Kat Lemieux, ISM President, who will speak on the History of the ISM, and Patio Plasma, Director of the Splo Museum in Second Life and Planetary Physicist in real life, who will give a presentation titled "Roving Mars: What is it like to be on the surface of the red planet?".
In addition to formal lectures, ISM builders will be on hand to unveil their new exhibits along with conducting information chats, tours and question and answer sessions. Throughout the week there will be an entertainment venue on Second Life's largest dance floor (the roof of the Vehicle Assembly Building), Rocket Launches and Fireworks. In addition, visitors will receive a gift bag of special gifts including a commemorative model of the Freedom 7 Spacecraft, a T-shirt and other goodies.

Members of the press can receive a preview tour of Spaceport Bravo. Please contact Troy McLuhan, Lora Chadbourne or Emileigh Starbrook inworld to arrange a preview visit.


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Posted to SLED listserv, 27 APRIL 2007, by Troy McConaghy

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