Tuesday, May 1, 2007

SLEDucting Podcast

The SLEDucating podcast now appears in iTunes. If you have iTunes on your sytem you can subscribe to the cast by using this URL:

If you do not have iTunes, but some other aggregator, you can enter the direct feed which is:

This podcast is a text to speech service which means each time a new blog post is up it will automatically appear in the feed, and thus be the next episode of the podcast. Already we have some great authors posting very interesting blogs, more of you are very welcome. Simply create a new account and inform me you wish to be an author.

Chris Hambly will be distributing a SLEDucating radio player in-world this week, which will be free and copy/trans, so you can spread the sleducating podcast around and easily listen. Also direct episode codes can be obtained so you could for example have a listening parcel of the content you choose from the blog posts.

Revised from message posted to SLED listserv 30 APR 2007 by Chris Hambly.

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