Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Serious Virtual Worlds '07 (Coventry, UK)

by Dick Davies

Serious Virtual Worlds '07 : First European Conference on the Professional Applications of Virtual Worlds.
13 – 14 September 2007 @ The Serious Games Institute, Coventry, UK
The Serious Games Institute and Ambient Performance announce the first Serious Virtual Worlds conference.

The Programme

The extraordinary success of virtual worlds such as 'Second Life' as virtual social spaces for play leads to the question 'What is the potential for the serious uses of these worlds?' The theme for this first Serious Virtual Worlds conference is 'The Reality of the Virtual World' and takes a close look at how virtual worlds are now being used for serious professional purposes. Many organisations are now actively researching and deploying virtual worlds. Serious Virtual Worlds is your introduction to the serious uses of virtual worlds.

Who should attend?

Professionals with interests in using technology for communication and collaboration, for education and training, scenario planning and for commercial activities, from corporates, the Media, multimedia development organisations, public sector organisations, consultancies, technology solution providers, researchers….

The Conference

Day 1 – Introducing Virtual Worlds: presentations and conversations introducing virtual worlds and the 3D web from Cisco, HP, Forterra, Giunti, Daden, Ambient, Visual 3D, Anticyp,..closing with the launch of the Serious Games Institute's 'Second Life' Island

Day 2 - Serious Virtual Worlds: Action & Potential: live virtual world presentations and conversations from PA Consulting, IBM, Reuters, BP, Trusim, Forterra.

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