Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Qualitative survey of didactical approaches in SL

by Martin Leidl

We are currently holding a seminar ³Exploration of the virtual 3-D learning-space Second Life² as part of the curriculum of the division General pedagogics (focussing on "Bildung" and technology) at the Technical University Darmstadt (Germany). In the context of this seminar we want to analyze collaboratively the different pedagogical approaches and concepts within SL. Different techniques of qualitative research like interviews and visual methods shall be applied. Our results will be published under the terms of the creative commons license (data-anonymization if required).

We would kindly like to ask you for participation in the role of an interview-partner. The duration of the interview will take approximately 25-60 minutes, depending on you. There will be no strict list of questions, only some central questions will be asked. In preparation of this interview, we would like to ask you to take a sl-snapshot of a situation of your educational
offer. The image will than be a basis for discussion in-world.

Are there any questions left? Please email us!
For further Information please visit:
http://www.gkel.tu-darmstadt.de/Seminar_SecondLife .

Let us introduce ourselves:
We, the heads of the seminar are Antje Müller (SL: Antje Vilotta) and Martin
Leidl (SL: Toney Maloney). We both are members of the Research Training
Group E-Learning ( http://www.gkel.tu-darmstadt.de/home). The participants of the seminar are Magister and Master students with different major fields of study.

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