Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Symposium on Creativity in Second Life

by Alan Levine

Below is info on the NMC's upcoming (August 12-18) "Symposium on
Creativity in Second Life" -- we are experimenting with running a
full fledged conference entirely in SL, with everything except the
airline hassles and tacky hotel buffets with the dreaded conference
chicken ;-)

What we are NOT seeking are lectures or PowerPoints to passive
audiences. We are setting up sessions in studio form, and are looking
for people that are interested in setting either guided or
independent learning activities, or active participatory sessions
that can help someone learn how to do, build, or create in Second
Life. We are working with some of the top builders, artists, and
performers in Second Life to share their craft as well. And for those
that just want to share some objects, tools, etc, there will be an
expo hall as well.

Proposals for presentations for the Symposium on Creativity in
Second Life, the first in a series of NMC conferences and events
exploring virtual worlds of all kinds, are being solicited through
Friday, July 20, 2007. This live online event will be held August
12-18, 2007, and all events will be held in the virtual world of
Second Life.

For full details, see http://www.nmc.org/symposium-on-creativity

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