Tuesday, July 3, 2007


by Jeffrey Bardzell

Shaowen Bardzell and I have both published on Gor from the point of view of
HCI, aesthetics, and experience. We have a full paper accepted at HCI2007,
but the conference hasn¹t happened yet and so the proceedings are not yet
online. Here is the reference:

Bardzell, S., and Bardzell, J. (2007, accepted). Docile Avatars: Aesthetics,
Experience, and Sexual Interaction in Second Life. HCI 2007, Lancaster, UK.

Incidentally, Shaowen also presented a paper of SL BDSM visuality at the
Sandbox Symposium (SGGRAPH) last year.

There's also a short version of the Docile Avatars paper we did 18 months
ago available, but it was very much a first effort. It's better to read the
2007 full version. More work is forthcoming.

As others have noted, Goreans tend to arouse low quality commentary, much
like politics and other hot-button topics. Better to see for yourself,
because while there is lots to like/dislike about Gor, you won't see much of
it if you just read polarizing attacks/defenses.

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