Saturday, August 11, 2007

Request for test users please!

by Jennifer Young

My name is Jennifer Young (SL jmy Writer), and I'm a lecturer in Creative Writing at the
University of Hertfordshire in the UK. I've been using SL to create an
online student magazine which is hosted inside a virtual literary festival.
The magazine, Orb, is staffed by UH students. The publishing remit is to
publish the best creative writing by UK university students.

The magazine will launch on October 23 with a streaming performance by UK
performance poet Patience Agbabi.

We are in the final stages of design, and we're looking for users to
provide feedback. Would you be willing to spend a few minutes walking
around our site and giving us some feedback? There are post boxes on the
site, or you can email me at j.m.young - at- herts (dot) ac (dot) uk. The SL address is:

Just to make you aware, the pieces of creative writing that are up are
still in draft mode and are acting as place holders. Before the magazine
launch in October, the authors will record audio and provide visuals to
accompany their work. At the moment it's just text with the student
editors' voiceovers.

Thank you for your assistance

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. I teach an online writing workshop for ages 9-12. I would truly enjoy having an online space for them like SL. But SL is for adults. :)

please I will check back to see how all is going!

Good luck!