Monday, May 14, 2007

ART and Web 2.0

Anthony Fontana would like to invite all of you to participate in his research:

There are three perceived art experiences in Second Life. The first is recreation of the real; mimicry to the point that a work of art may be purchased, taken home, and hung above a virtual couch. The second is that of a performance or happening in which the audience and experience become part of the artwork.

The third is that which is built by both the artist and the audience. Web 2.0-type collaborations and common space peer production are arguably the most important phenomenon happening in Second Life or on the internet. One good example would be Machinima, or machine-cinema, in which director and actors must work together to create a narrative.

In my own recent artwork, I seek to engage residents interactively, allowing them to add to the work I have started. How this affects meaning, who "owns" the work, and how the collaboration between artist and audience is valued remain vital questions.

Please visit the interactive exhibit opening this Thursday, May 17th at the Heldscalla Foundation.

3 Opening receptions: Thursday, May 17th at 10pm BST. 9pm EST. And another at 9pm PDT.

For more information visit:

SLED Listserv, Anthony Fontana, 12MAY07

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