Friday, May 18, 2007

SL/RL Event - 6 simultaneous presentation modes!

A report by Jeremy Kemp (San Jose State University)

I had the great pleasure of assisting Dr. Daniel Livingstone of Paisley University as he presented a Colloquium at our island opening "SJSU SLIS" recently.

It was BY FAR the most complex live event I've ever been involved in. We totally geeked out – in six modes.

1) Dan was speaking to a live audience of about 30 faculty.

2) He was being video taped with the stream available on the Web live (and archive coming soon).

3) The video and slide textures where shown in Second Life on the sim.

4) I was projecting my avatar view to a projector on the back wall (so he could look out at his audience).

5) I was transcribing the chat into a Sloodle web chatroom - which was then relayed into Second Life.

6) The audience in-world of about 35 was chatting into a Sloodle chatcast box which was transferred to the web chatroom.

All worked reasonably well. The parts that DID NOT work were mitigated for audience members who just switched modes.

So, for example:

  • S0me couldn't view the QT stream. They WERE able to read my chat narrative.
  • My SL client crashed!!! I was still able to chat into the Sloodle chatroom on the web.
  • Some didn't go into SL AT ALL. They saw the video stream on the web and/or the Sloodle chat stream.

Moral of the story – "network effect" applies likewise to multi-modal presentation. Two modes are MORE than twice as effective as one mode.

Or is that the Titanic effect?


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