Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Automatic Chat Tools for lectures and tours

by Ross Perkins

Both the SpeakEasy HUD tool by Dudeney Ge and the Serial Chat Feeder 2.0 HUD by Janor Slichter are available for free in the "Scripted Gadgets" vendor at the ICT Library on Info Island.

Serial Chat Feeder: Tool 10 of 19

SpeakEasy: Tool 17 of 19

Short overview: one wears the HUD (appears in top left) and, via the edit tool, drag & drop a notecard you've created into the Contents folder. Upon exiting the Edit screen, it's ready to use! Touching the HUD device makes the text (on the notecard you've created) appear. The Serial Chat Feeder (version 2) now allows the user to load up to 3 card and choose between them.

I have used the chat tool in the past - it is TREMENDOUS help for facilitating conversation, as the bulk of the talk/tour can be activated with a simple click, allowing one to answer questions, call on audience members, send IMs, rez objects as needed, and so on.

Note: When send a long line of text via the chat tool, have a good feel for how long it takes your audience to read it ... otherwise you "sound" like a Yankee (fast talkers) and folks around have a hard time keeping up, especially noobs who do not know how to access their chat history screen.

ICT Library on Info Island


SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Info%20Island/51/206/34

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