Sunday, May 20, 2007

WANTED: SLURLS to NonLinear Fluid Virtual Spaces and Experiments

By Emin Saglamer (17-May-07)

I am helping a group of architecture students from Istanbul Technical University. Their project is exploring the results of what absolute freedom creates in a virtual environment. When they say absolute freedom they mean, freedom from physical constraints, gravity, etc.

Could you please send me as many SLURLS as you can to experimental non-traditional spaces that have been created in SL? I am not asking for pretty RL simulation spaces. What I am looking for is just like that sim AngryBeth has her Pencil Factory in: Completely off the hook crazy but awesome at the same time — because it forces the user to rethink space and navigation.

You can send your SLURLs or landmarks in world to Troy Vogel.

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