Tuesday, May 22, 2007

2007 Best Practices Conference Update

by Beth Ritter-Guth

IT IS ALMOST HERE!!!! Can you believe it?

On Friday, MAY 25th, over 600 educators will gather for 24 hours to share all of the educational goodness going on in Second Life!

To tease you....please feast your eyes upon the schedule of presenters!

To tease you even more....zoom your pixelated-red-eye to the NEW SERVICE being offered by MySLProject at http://www.myslproject.com/ed/ This was created for our conference and will be a resource that ALL of us can use!!! Please go ahead and sign up now (even if you aren't coming to the conference!). It is FREE!

BUT..who on earth would MISS this conference????

What does it cost? NOTHING! It is FREE FREE FREE!

What do you have to wear? Well...we have no dress code, but clothing is preferred.

What skills do you need? Well, you should go through orientation first before signing in, but other than that, we are chalk full of really sweet and nice people, so we will guide ya along.

If you want to attend, all you have to do is register (http://eloisepasteur.net/conference/attend.php) (so we can pass you some 100 freebies at the door) and land yourself at the Welcome Center upon arrival (SLurl http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beethoven/135/205/33.

Do you have questions? Concerns? Donations of freebie stuff? General praise, adoration, or pocket lint? Please im Desideria Stockton.

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