Thursday, May 10, 2007

ACHUB MediaCamp07: RL Meet-up in UK

Chris Hambly (SL's Audio Zenith) is planning to put together a REAL-LIFE meet-up around SecondLife, and other social media, in the not too distant future. He writes...

"A big event is being planned for October in UK (ACHUB MediaCamp07), as an "unconference", but I'd love some small barcamp style socials before then, and you'd all be welcome to come along, or set your own up under the ACHUB concept.

We have the ACHUB ( wiki which has some good events already listed in, any of you can set one up too, there are some basic rules listed, follow them and you can make things happen for sharing ideas and experiences as an ACHUB.

Very informal get togethers, all about sharing, all free, all unconference style.

I'll aim to get a barcamp meet-up in London, UK, fairly soon, so watch the wiki for details. Will be great to have a beer with some of and chat away like uber geeks.

Posted to SLED Listserv 09-MAY-07 by Chris Hambly

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