Thursday, May 10, 2007

SLEDBuilders Listserv

If you are in charge of building a campus or designing instruction in 3D, I invite you to join the _SLEDBuilders_ mail list.

Did you know...

  • Info Island Archipelago is funded by a diverse set of grants and the International Spaceflight Museum was co-founded by a PhD in Aeronautics?
  • The two tiers for builders and scripters? Whether you buy services with micropayment or contract with professional who accept university POs, fees range from $5/hour to $80+. Fully decorated university sims are running $10,000-$20,000?
  • A four-sim corner will accommodate nearly 100 avatars and may be rented by the day for as little as $40?
  • The ICT Library has a demonstration rezzer tool that will let your faculty choose from dozens of classroom settings at the touch of a button?
  • Stanford University has a private island used only for research and MIT purchased their island in a unique way after dealing with some legal issues with the TOS?
  • You can find campus squatters in skyboxes by "Disabling Camera Constraints" and peeking up there?
  • You can log visitors to your email account with a simple script and then offer them membership in your marketing group?
  • Creating a "Student Peer Mentor" program may help your faculty get in and comfortable?

These are the kind of issues we will be discussing on SLED Builders.

Posted to SLED Listserv on 10-MAY-07 by Jeremy Kemp

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