Monday, May 7, 2007

Presentations Tonight and Tomorrow

To wrap up a semester of work in world we're putting on 3 research presentations this week.

The first is tonight at 4:30 SLT -
Religion in SecondLife, presented by me (Kim Chihuly) and Austra Soleil (RL: Austra Zubkovs, a senior in my department)
Park Communication (219, 51, 28)

Tuesday (tomorrow) at 10:00am SLT -
Intellectual Property and Virtual Worlds by Shmapple Patrono (RL: Mike Palumbo, a senior in my department off to law school in the fall)
Park Communication (92, 113, 29)

Tuesday (tomorrow) at 5pm SLT
a live video presentation by 2 more seniors from the Park School of Communication. This presentation is on facebook.
Park Communication (92, 113, 29)

Posted to SLED Listserv (07-MAY-07) by Kim Gregson

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