Thursday, May 10, 2007

Calling all educators: Help needed for non-profit focus group

Sarah Robbins, ("Intellagirl Tully") is the Director of Emerging Technologies for Media Sauce ( She writes...

One of my first projects is to help out with a focus group for the People's Burn Foundation, a national non-profit organization, working with Campus FireWatch to develop a fire and burn safety program for college students that will help reduce the number of fire-related deaths to college students.

We need your help recruiting college students to participate in the focus group. The purpose of the focus group is to gather feedback from college students after they watch an 8 minute documentary about burn injuries and to determine a campaign strategy for teaching college students about burn and fire safety. "After the Fire," a Pulitzer Prize winning documentary, follows the story of two college students tragically burned in the Seton Hall fire and their recovery process.

The focus group will last approximately an hour, beginning with the video and concluding with a feedback session.

The first session will be on May 21 at 1pm SLT at the ACHUB. All participants will receive $L300 for their time.

This is a great cause and will also provide high education value for students who choose to participate. I hope that those of you who teach media design, communication, or teaching/training will see this is a valuable opportunity to expose your students to really great digital storytelling. The video is bound to spark great discussions about the use of various media and emotional appeal in video.

If you have a summer class or students doing work in SL please forward this along. If you bring a class we'll give you an extra L$ incentive (which is always handy for class expenses).

Contact Intellgirl Tully in-world for more details.

Posted to SLED Listserv on 09-MAY-07 by Sarah Robbins

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