Thursday, May 31, 2007

Machinima that shows off education in SL

compiled by Milo from SLED posts

Beth asks the list for, "really solid example(s) of machinima that outlines educational goodness in SL for both K-12 and college (or education in general)". The responses (from Ben & Alan)

SLCN - TV in Second Life, check out the BPE conference videos

SJSU SLIS Second Life Campus

Ohio University Second Life Campus

Case Western Reserve University

Emergency Preparedness Training in Secondlife
(Google Video) an overview of the Play2Train sim

Introduction to Second Life ( covers a wide range of uses of Second Life, from business to education to art

Global Kids Educational Programs in TSL ( gives an overview of the educational potential of SL for teenagers

Architecture on the Double (YouTube)

NOAA's Virtual Island (YouTube)

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