Thursday, May 31, 2007

SL at NMC Summer Conference

by Alan Levine

We've just posted a summary of the events from next week's NMC Summer Conference that will have connections and opportunities for participation remotely from NMC Campus in SL (bandwidth, technology flubs, and LL updates allowing) including live video of opening and closing keynotes, live audio from featured sessions, and a few other things- we are especially keen for a good showing on the beta grid June 6 for a live demo of the voice features at the conference opening session.
Info and details:
If you are coming to the conference, we've scheduled some times and places where you can meet up with your SL friends in RL ("oh my gosh! you look just like your av!") and we are hopeful some of you can help out in worlds the sessions where we are doing live media. See details and places to sign up on our wiki:
And tag the heck out of stuff with "nmc2007"

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