Saturday, June 2, 2007

SL Educational Event Calendar

by Bruce Sommerville
I have created a test Google calendar, called SLEDevents, for educational events in SL, and RL events related to SL.
The calendar only shows two upcoming events for June at the moment, and since these are both conferences, a detailed agenda/timetable is not shown, but links to the relevant blogs, wikis, webpages giving the detailed agenda/timetable are included in the calendar, along with a brief description of the event (taken from those sources). The calendar can be accessed in-world or out-world as follows:
In SL: Search for 'The Study Space' (in 'All' or 'Classifieds'), at Gualala, and teleport there. Look for the computer screen to the right of the door, under the sign, and touch the screen. This will open your web browser and show a read only version of the calendar.
In RL: Paste the following URL into your web browser:
and you should see a read only view. Click on the event to see further details and links.
I would appreciate it if a few people could try it, in-world and out, and report back. If it seems a suitable solution, I will endeavour to keep it updated myself, based on notifications of major events coming through this mail list.
Bruce Sommerville
Teacher of English & Academic Literacy
Insearch, University of technology

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