Thursday, May 31, 2007

NMC Orientation Island: Wanted

by Alan Levine

Things are moving quickly this month with development of a new Orientation Island on NMC Campus. We will be offering our own SL account creation form on our site, but also, the main SL site will soon offer newly created accounts options to pick an Orientation Island based on their interests- NMC will be listed as one for education. Thanks to everyone who already contributed ideas for what ought to be included.
We are looking now for landmarks for educational regions that can be offered as places to go once a new avatar has finished the basic orientation, in addition to links or free resources, tools we can offer. This will be made available perhaps as kiosk and/or a handed out notecard. Please let us know by adding to the list on our wiki:
In addition if you have any interest in helping out at some level as a mentor or guide (this could make for a great class project as well to assist new users).
This will certainly evolve and grow over time, but the timetable for the public SL site that will make this an option is making us move quickly.

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