Saturday, June 2, 2007

Info Island News

by Lori Bell

You are all invited to any events listed below that interest you. Also included is information on classes we are offering in conjunction with the University of Illinois Graduate Schoolof Library and Information Science and a new grant to expand health information.
In the last two weeks, two sessions of Virtual World Librarianship with 20 students in each class have been held on Info Island. More sessions are planned later this summer. Library staff and other interested individuals are learning about how to provide library services and education in Second Life including how to develop exhibits, collections and resources, reference services, skills needed to be a librarian in the virtual world and more. The course is a six week non credit course offered by the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science and the Alliance Library System. Instructors include well-known sl librarians such as Abbey Zenith, Puglet Dancer, JJ Drinkwater, Hypatia Dejavu and others. For more information on these courses, contact Lorelei Junot.
Alliance Library System receives grant to provide resources on MUVES and accessibility
Alliance Library System(ALS) is pleased to announce new services to be offered on HealthInfo Island in the 3d virtual world of Second Life. Alliance received a grant from the National Library of Medicine Greater Midwest Region to build upon the consumer health outreach currently done on HealthInfo Island. HealthInfo Island is part of the Alliance Info Archipelago, a group of islands collaborating to provide library and educational services. Through this project, ALS will offer exhibits, programs, and awareness about accessibility and assistive technology and about virtual world accessibility in general for Second Life residents.
The library is also working on obtaining funding to offer additional services in this area. Project Coordinator is Katt Kongo. For further information on the grant and activities, please contact Lorelei Junot or Katt Kongo.
Phenomenal SL Photography
Self Portraits from DeeDee, Felony, Lilith, & Shoshana
Info Island Art Gallery
June 2 - July 15, 2007

Curator: Bucky Barkley

This show focuses on the self-portraiture of four very talented women (in alphabetical order):

* DeeDee Deepdene
* Felony Fabre
* Lilith Lunardi
* Shoshana Epsilon
For more information contact Bucky Barkley

Introduction to Machinima in Second Life and Online
editing using

Sat. June 16, 12:00 PM PST (Noon SLT)

Where? ALA Arts Island, Machinima Institute, 172, 136, 35

This 1.5 hour class will introduce you to the 3D real-time video capture function using the SL browser and alternative third-party software for capturing and editing machinima.
Part 1 : Each class will provide the basics for capturing video clips using built-in video capture. There will be a group "hands-on" component.

Part 2 : Introduction to the online editing site, Time permitting and we will upload our video footage to a the online editing site. Short video clips can be directly uploaded or emailed to the account. Jumpcut can also be used for SL snapshots, rather than video.
Join the class group: Library Famous Paparazzi! or IM HVX Silverstar if you for a teleport or to be added to the group. Contact HVX Silverstar for more information.
June 1 - 31 at the Librarium on Abitibi
Shamanic Journeys - the art of Kohshari Mahana at Harrison Hall, the Librarium

The Librarium is proud to present "Shamanic Journeys: the art of Koshari Mahana." Koshari's work tells the stories of journeys she's taken in the inner...and outer...realms of the human mind, heart, and spirit.
From the artist: "Shamanic Journeying has no rules per se, everyone's experience will be different. Mine are unlike what you may experience and there are no expectations. My art is representational of my journeys, dreams and visions, none of them are exactly literal interpretations. I would like for the viewer to not hold onto my experience but to let the imagery in the artwork speak to them and become personal for them." The exhibit includes original paintings, a sculpture into which viewers can teleport, and a Maze to wander in. For more information contact JJ Drinkwater.

Caledon Library Book Discussion for June 2007
June 18th, 6pm SLT
Whitehorn library, in Caledon VictoriaCity
Miss Hermoine Fussbudget of Caledon will lead a discussion of two poems:
*The Charge of the Light Brigade* was written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, to commemorate a famed, and doomed, charge at the Battle of Balaclava, on October 25, 1854.
*The Last of the Light Brigade* was written by Rudyard Kipling many years later, as a satire on the England neglected its retired soldiers
An accompanying exhibit will be displayed on the 3rd floor Gallery of the Whitehorn library throughout the month of June For more information contact JJ Drinkwater.
If you would like tours for your group or an introduction to the library, please contact
Abbey Zenith or Lorelei Junot.

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Aaron Marks said...

This is the second article I've read talking about the assistive technology library in Second Life and I'm still excited about it. Second Life has so many possibilities, and one of the greatest is how much enjoyment it can bring to the disabled community.