Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Access SecondLife Via Firefox!

by Lindy McKeown
From this comment that has some screen shots...
that led to the maker's site

From THE BLOG of Katharine Berry AJAX based SL client.

It's still under heavy development, but the result so far is an application/page/site called AjaxLife.


  • Basic map
  • Teleports
  • Accepting/declining teleport offers
  • Local chat, instant messages (partially - you can't start them except with online friends)
  • Inventory received notifications
  • Friend on/offline notifications
  • Balance change notifications, etc.

It also correctly logs you in and out, and notifies you if you were disconnected for any reason.

Known issues

  • It will not work correctly on the MG (well, the map won't anyway) - in the unlikely event anyone cares, sorry.
  • IE7 refuses to register double clicks on the map, making it impossible to teleport using it. IE6 works fine here.
  • There's no interface to start IMs implemented, although you can respond to those sent to you.
  • Sometimes SL sends the teleport messages in the wrong order, resulting in the modal teleport wait dialog never leaving.
  • Teleports sometimes complete without notification that they ever started.
  • IE tends to screw up with dragging the map

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