Wednesday, July 11, 2007

UK University and College developments in SL

by John Kirriemuir

I'm carrying out a small study looking at UK academics and organisations who are developing educational services in Second Life.

Consequently, I am tracking down academics, colleges and universities in the UK who are providing, or intending to provide, such services within the SL environment.

This work is for the Eduserv Foundation, who organise events in SL/RL and have their own island. It's rather funky and worth a visit. Their website:

Their associated blogs:

In SL I'm Silversprite Helsinki. In real life I'm John Kirriemuir and live on the Outer Hebrides (currently suffering a drought!) off the west of Scotland. Details here:

If you are in UK HE or FE and have built or provided an "education service" (am cool and flexible about how that is defined) in SL, then I'd like to please chat and ask a few questions. The report will be made public later in the summer on the Eduserv Foundation website, so it's a chance for you to advertise what you've done / achieved. Some findings will also get presented
at the Gaming, Learning and Libraries symposium in July:

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