Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Avatars for educators: contact info

by David Simmons

From the simteach wiki it lists Hereteic Linden as the contact.

What does it cost to bring my students and faculty into Second Life?

All basic accounts in Second Life are now free to everyone. This means that students can sign up on their own for a basic account for no charge whatsoever. If you'd like us to set up student accounts for you and assign a unique last name for everyone, we will need: 1) the full real name of each student, 2) their email address, and 3) the unique last name you'd like for everyone. Each Second Life account will then have the student's real-life first name and the last name you requested. The fee for setting this up is $150 for up to 25 accounts (if you'd like more than 25 accounts, an additional fee of $150/25 accounts will be charged). Please contact Hereteic Linden for details on setting up these accounts.

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