Friday, July 13, 2007

AT LAST! 15 Videos up from James Paul Gee in Secnd Life

by Barry Joseph

In May of 2007, an avatar contest was held on Global Kids island in Teen Second Life. James Paul Gee, the noted professor, came to Global Kids to try on the various avatars -- such as a chicken, a cyberninja and a dragon -- while reflecting on a variety of issues related to games, learning, avatars and online identity.

The following sixteen videos show brief excerpts from his visit:
1. Introduction
2. On Games and Learning
3. On Having a Body in a Virtual world
4. On Modding and Thinking Like a Designer
5. On Being a 59-year Old Balding White Man
6. On Choosing Identity as a Strategy
7. On Video Games as Art
8. On Avatars as a Surrogate Body
9. On Politicians, Second Life, and the Freedom to Offend
10. On Second Life and Youth Entrepreneurship
11. On the Flattening World
12. On Doing versus Knowing
13. On Game Addiction
14. On the Value of Fantasy
15. Farewells

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