Monday, June 18, 2007

Live from SL to Geneva filmed from Sydney: and other Mixed Realities

by Gary Hayes

Something that may be of interest is this event captured as part of a BBC Radio 3 recording run by Paul Bennun (a LAMP mentor) who is spending a week locked in his flat capturing the views of Howard Rheingold, William Gibson (and many others - including me ;-) about life via IP....

As part of this I built him a nice lodge on the AFTRS island to spend a week in interviewing these folk and managed to actually film an event and YouTub'ise it here (check out the question at the start of Part 3!! ;-) A unedited film I did of Paul Bennun on the AFTRS Island presenting live via Second Life to a European Broadcasting Union Conference on Thurs...

Part 1 (walk-around intro) -
Part 2 (formal presentation about Radio/Social Net and Virtual worlds) -

Didn't have time to edit 'best of' but they have authenticity this way and the 'shakey' camera work was deliberate by the way!!

Also for those who are interested in other LAMP mixed reality projects you can find some here:
Emergence (live theatre and second life in parallel) -
Inworld (a live comedy magazine programme from SL) - pre-dating and also featuring the same avatar Starr Sonic! -
City Games - (a parallel, collaborative live narrative quest in real tourist hubs in the world mapped to others playing in the same virtual spaces) -
Thursday's Fictions (based on the ABC show, this is a way to explore the TF world while the programme is on) - to be posted

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