Thursday, June 21, 2007

Multimedia Class in Second Life - Video Conference Request

by Stan Trevena

I have a request that I would like to put out there to other teachers using Second Life with students (college or high school). I would like to set up some video conferences between our students and others using Second Life. Read on for details if interested.

I have a teacher in my district that is teaching a summer school class in multimedia over the next five weeks. These students are the first formal class to use the Second Life platform in our district (up until now the students have all been hand selected by teachers to participate, and most activities have taken place at night). These students will be working on completing the aquarium project on our Pacific Rim Exchange Island. The class meets from 3:00pm – 6:00pm PDT every day

Links to blog articles on the aquarium project:

Next Friday they will be travelling to the real Monterey Bay Aquarium and taking pictures and video for their displays on the island. The class is scheduled late in the day so we have some overlap with Kyoto for video conferences and joint projects. Tomorrow the students from Kyoto and Modesto will be interviewing each other via video conference. It should be interesting, as the Kyoto students they will be talking to have limited English language skills.

I have loaned a Polycom video conferencing unit to this class for the duration of the summer. They are very interested in reaching out to others who are exploring Second Life for education, specifically students if possible. But they would also like to talk to anyone with experience about how Second Life is used for education. Their minds are open at this point, and they know that their experiences this summer are going to help determine how many others might get to participate in the future outside of the exchange program.

If you might be interested in a video conference between 3:00pm and 6:00pm PDT with a group of students using Second Life, please email me at trevena.s -at - monet k12 ca us and we can discuss the details.

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