Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Showcasing Australasian Educational Projects in Second Life event

by Sean FitzGerald

You are all warmly invited to attend an event Jo Kay (aka jokay Wollongong) and myself (aka Sean McDunnough) are running as part of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework's E-learning Networks June 19-20 Online Conference - http://networksevents.flexiblelearning.net.au/

The event is titled 'In-World Presentation: Showcasing Australasian Educational Projects in Second Life'.

Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm, Wednesday June 20th, AEST/Sydney time (1.00AM PDT/SLT). (see your time - http://timeanddate.com/s/dsz ).

Location: The amphitheatre at Jo and Sean's Virtual Meeting Space - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wasp/74/31/86/

  • 6.00pm - 6.05pm: Sean FitzGerald (Sean McDunnough) - Introduction & Overview
  • 6.05pm - 6.15pm: Jo Kay (jokay Wollongong) - Sean & Jo's Projects
  • 6.15pm - 6.25pm: Glenda McPherson (GippsTAFE Gonzales) & Malcolm Jolly (Glenda Arrow) - The GippsTAFE Project
  • 6.25pm - 6.35pm: Kathryn Greenhill (Emerald Dumont) - Australian Libraries in Second Life (video)
  • 6.35pm - 6.45pm: Aaron Griffiths (Isa Goodman) - SL Educational Projects in NZ
  • 6.45pm - 6.55pm: Gary Hayes (Gary Hazlitt) - AFTRS & LAMP (video)
  • 6.55pm - 7.05pm: Lindy McKeown (Decka Mah) - Action Learning on Terra Incognita
  • 7.05pm - 7.15pm: Greg More (Dynamo Zanetti) - RMIT's Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (video)
  • 7.15pm - 7.25pm: Alan Levine (CDB Barkley) - New Medium Consortium and Aussie Trip
  • 7.25pm - 7.30pm: Jo Kay (jokay Wollongong) - Wrap-up
More info: http://sleducation.wikispaces.com/enetworksjune07

It's our first in-world event, so it should be interesting!

We hope to see you there! :-)

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