Saturday, June 23, 2007

NMC Campus Roundup

by Alan Levine

The schedule at NMC Campus is ramping up after a slight lull following the exhaustive schedule of our recent conference in Indianapolis (see below for presentation/audio links). Some things coming up in the next weeks at NMC include:

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June 25, 6:00 PM SLT/PDT ( Take part on a literature class with Desideria Stockton.
Desi has invited the buzz to her class, where you can engage in the activities from a student perspective. Join her at the Women of Brewster Place classroom Quiricosta (219,41,502)

We are looking for your ideas for future meetings of the NMC Campus Teachers Buzz:

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Next Week: Call for Proposals: Building and Creating in Virtual Worlds
NMC is planning an in-world conference August 14-17 that is designed to provide hands on workshops in skills of building, scripting, avatar design, creating media in Second Life-- no lectures/presentations, but more like a studio class. Details are still being planned, but look for next week a call for proposals for sessions.

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July 13-20 2007 NMC Summer Conference Poster Sessions Reprise
Like we did successfully last year, we will bring into Second Life the poster presentations from the recent summer conference, and schedule times when the presenters will be present to talk about their projects.

From last year:

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Presentations, Audio, Photos from the 2007 NMC Summer Conference

Well over 25% of the attendees of the 2007 NMC Summer Conference wore their Second Life avatar names on their badges, and many of us met up in RL for the first time. We apologize for some of the challenges in trying to stream the live audio (a future blog post!), but all of the ones we planned to stream were recorded and are available as well as the presentation files.

Hit the Ground Running: Making the Most of Your Second Life preconference workshop by Nick Noakes / Corwin Carillon and Heidi Trotta / Heidi Teecee

Leveraging the Affordances, Minimizing the Barriers of Virtual Worlds (panel discussion)

View From Second Life Trenches: Are You a Pioneer or a Settler? (Cynthia Calongne / Lyr Lobo)

Pleasure, Play, Participation and Promise: Socio-emotional Dimensions of Digital Culture Which are Transforming the Shape of New Media Literacies (Angela Thomas / Anya Ixchel)

Building OneCleveland in Second Life presentation by Case Western Reserve University

Second Life at MIT presentation by Phil Long/Radar Radio

Recap From Second Life: 2007 NMC Summer Conference (late night discussion):

Fantasy Regnant Opening Keynote by Edward Castronova

All Conference Photos

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