Saturday, June 23, 2007

theKONSTRUKT#11 special education

by Alexander Kanaev

A summer present or something we have really wanted to do for a long time... a special issue of theKONSTRUKT devoted to education. Why? Because we are all involved in it, in a way or another. Experiences from successful experiments, thoughts and opinions... download it and see for yourself!

Big thanks to everyone who has contributed to it. I know there are way more experiments going on, and you are always welcome to contact either me or Anna Grant (to send in your thoughts/ideas/announcements.

Table of Contents
From the Editors - By Anna Grant & Chaos Venera
Can vocational education learning outcomes be achieved in SL? - Glenda
McPherson & Malcolm Jolly
SL Best Practices in Education - by Fleep Tuque
Monthly centerfold –Show and Tell - By Maddox Dupont
Establishing a Professional Presence - by Beth Ritter-Guth
Moving Beyond the Prim: Literature Alive! & Second Life - by Beth
SL and education... What education? - by Chaos Venera

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