Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Action Learning

by Lindy McKeown

My entire island of Terra incognita is an online 3D environment based on Reg Revans style Action Learning. I also worked before Second Life with a colleague in a US university setting up Action Learning in his ActiveWorlds implementation.
Come visit my Action Learning island at SLURL
It is the basis for my PhD research into the social and technical affordances of 3D worlds for online Action Learning. This project is supported by a Queensland Government (Australian state) Smart State PhD research grant as at least 8 government departments here use Action Learning in a face-to-face mode.
Just starting this week a 12 week Action Learning program called "Teaching in Second Life" with a group of 32 new recruits.
Just finished a program that ran form February to the end of May with a celebration on the weekend of the projects of the 12 participants. This was a point-in-time snapshot of the exciting range of workplace or professional life projects developed (and continuing) by participants including:
  • A series of workshops about Second Life leading to online events on topics of interest for a teacher professional association.
  • The establishment of a state-wide consortium to purchase SL islands for schools to use.
  • A series of SL tours as awareness raising for school district personnel that led to the use of SL as an online meeting space (amongst other things).
  • The building of an interactive narrative from a book in SL, MUD and MOO to compare the environments as learning spaces.
  • The establishment of national forums (in Australia) about the implementation of Second Life by the Education Network of Australia (EdNA)
  • A comparative analysis of Virtual Worlds for K-12 education for a state education department.
  • The mapping of the nOOb non-gamer experience in SL with a view to the developmnent of support resources.

Please make contact by IM in SL (Decka Mah) if you would like more information.

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seekerBB said...

Go Lindy! FYI - I met Lindy several months ago when poking around Terra Incognita. If you've not been there, do so! Lindy was kind enough to chat with me for almost an hour, took me on a tour, ets. She is an example of the finest SL Educators has to offer, and I wish her luck with all her efforts.