Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Moodle's glossary connects with SL

by Jeremy Kemp

I have a very simple Sloodle tool to sample for you. It listens for a request like "/def grid", queries a Moodle glossary and chats the definition. The cool thing is that you can edit terms on the web.

See two glossaries here:

Second Life terms here:
Examples: grid, griefer, dwell, afk (57 and counting)

Foreign Language terms here:
Example: Ni Hao

I'm especially keen to see if anyone can use this glossary for use in S.T.E.M. or language learning. And will Japanese/Chinese/Arabic work?

You could conceivably build out a pathway like Orientation Island with the chatting glossary to interact with.

FYI: This is just proof of concept stuff and not released.

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