Monday, June 11, 2007

A new collaborative project

by Barry Spencer

I have decided to expand the scope of material at my place, which at the moment include presentations, personalised learning and social activites to include an opportunity for collaboration.

In keeping with the general computing theme, I have setup a museum of computing. The content takes the form of learning objects; and while on the subject of learning objects, thanks to all those who fed back to me on the Eniac resource, very much appreciated. In the museum, some of the objects are populated with content, though most are not, and that's where the opportunity for collaboration comes in.

The actual facility itself is in the form of a Skybox, 300m above Shimmer Island. There are two levels, on the lower you will find a collection of computers from the 70s, 80s and 90s and as you will see at the moment, the only one with content is the Sinclair ZX80, all others are waiting for contributions. The actual machines featured have either been constructed by myself or obtained from within SL. On the second level you will find some fully populated resources that include Eniac, the Altair and the TRS80.

The museum can be accessed from a teleport on the ground floor of the Beach house. If you would like to contribute to the existing resources or create some new ones just drop me an IM, otherwise you may just like to come for a browse and chat about computing things, while enjoying the uninterupted views of perfect sunsets and sunrises from almost a 1000ft above the virtual sea level of Second life.

IM Skipper Abel for more information.

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