Friday, June 15, 2007

PhreakEDU information (16 JUNE; 10am - 11 pm SLT)

by Beth Ritter-Guth (from Vengence Opus)

Educators and Researchers:We wanted to let you know about a new radio stream concept that Phreak Radio has initiated, and one that we feel will benefit the non-profit and education crowd. Our goal is to build a radio station wholly devoted to education and research centered around Second Life.

By scheduling free access to a stream for educational institutions and playing pre-recorded content at designated times during the week, we think that this could open up a lot of doors for researchers and institutions. We want to build this stream up until one could tune in at any time and get either a live broadcast of something being held in SL or a pre-recorded session that would provide instruction and also clue that person in on what institutions are providing teaching.

Also, because this stream would have only educational content, it's a concept that we're interested in introducing on the Teen Grid at some point. Giving teens the ability and training to provide and direct content is the next phase of development that we'd like to see in this stream, and we've talked to a few people about the possibilities. Finally, we're also interested in short, 15 second ads for upcoming specific events.

We think that this could assist institutions in raising awareness about the research and training being conducted in SL, and it could provide a method for those new residents interested in these topics with a user-friendly way to tune in and get that information. Eventually, with the Registration API, Phreak Radio hopes to drive traffic from this station outside SL and into directed areas that educators assist us in defining ( i.e. your island).Expand your classroom to the real potential of virtual worlds.If you or anyone you know is interested in using the stream for any educational events, please contact me via one of the methods listed below.

Informational Meeting - There will be an informational meeting held at Phreak Isle on the 16th of June, 2007, between the hours of 11am to 10 pm SLT. This will be a time during which any educators, students or researchers are welcome to drop by with questions about PhreakEdu, Phreak Radio's new endeavor into free educational programming. Myself and Nethermind Bliss will be available throughout the day to address your issues, or, if you'd just like to stop by and check out our facilities on Phreak Isle, feel free! We will be tying this into the AIDS Memorial Quilt Kick-Off Bonfire.

"Light Up The Dark" is an event that is being hosted by Phreak Isle, kicking off a week's worth of events, the culmination of which will be the official ceremony and unveiling of an in-world AIDS Memorial Quilt, spanning many different sims. We will have three hours of live music, four DJs, a bonfire, and a quilting tutorial "bee" hosted in the Warehouse. During this time, we'll have some spoken word presentations and other things that raise awareness about the AIDS Memorial Quilt build going on that next week. Feel free to stop by and join us!

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