Friday, June 15, 2007

SL Research

by Aleks Krotoski

A few colleagues and I are holding a discussion about SL/virtual world research ethics at the Social Simulation Research Lab in conjunction with the London Games Research group

Kick-off is 12:30pm GMT (4:30am SLT).

All are welcome! Please RSVP Mynci Gorky in-world so I know how many chairs to rez. Thanks!

Details here:

Ethics and Internet Research
Time and place: 12.30 pm UK time, Monday June 18th in
Second Life

For our June meeting, Aleks Krotoski ( will lead a discussion on the theme of 'Ethics in Online/Social World research'. We are meeting at Aleks' place in Second Life (social simulation research lab - there are chairs!). Please dust off your SL avatar, and put that date in your diary. You can get there directly (if you've got an SL account) here:

We thought that this paper might be a good place to begin the discussion: (Ethical decision-making and Internet research: Recommendations from the AoIR ethics working committee) Copyright (c) 2002 by Charles Ess and the Association of Internet Researchers

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