Thursday, June 14, 2007

TeamWork Tester Tests

by Alex Heiphetz

I need your help, and in the process you can get something you need for SL classes.

To make long things short:

We just completed major modifications to the Teamwork Tester (
This is a tool that allows you to assess performance of a team and individual members, train members of the team to work together, find the optimal composition of the team, assess individual characteristics of the team members, such as: speed, effectiveness, participation in the task, ability to finish assigned part of the work, helping others if needed, etc.

The only problem now is extensive testing to clean out every single quirck both in functionality and usability.

Now, I can't pay you for the effort, however, I can share our movie/slideshow screens or furniture we (let me say successfully) sell for L$300-500. So, any team of three people that complets Teamwork Tester puzzle will get a choice of medium-size screen or classroom furrniture set, or three chairs. Any team of four will get a choice of Large screen or note-taker/note-distributor set, team of five will get their choice of two items in the store (Do I sound like a fast-talking salesman yet? :-)

Oh, and btw you will get a pretty good assesment on your team and your personal leadership and teamwork qualities.

Location of the test: Education Island
( )
- just about 30 meters from the teleport hub.

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